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WATCH: Australian TV Anchor Ridicules Biden’s ‘Loopy Left’ Climate Summit

Joe Biden pledges deeper

Despite his unfortunate first 100 days in the White House, but he isn’t getting much love from down under although Joe Biden may enjoy blanket protection from the domestic media. During the event the nation’s 46th president laid out his extreme agenda, vowing to reduce 52% of “greenhouse gas” emissions in less than a decade.

Moreover, it is said to be a sad example of how far that the media has fallen when it takes an Australian journalist to call such ideas out as lunacy. Chris Kenny of Sky News showed that the emperor has no clothes with an epic scourging of our pathetic leadership.

According to Kenny, “Last night we saw yet another climate summit. Another global gathering of world leader parading their virtue, making grand promises, playing to the green left media zeitgeist, and never being accountable for any of their promises or actions,”

He stated. “The only difference this time is that they didn’t jump on their private jets and fly thousands of people at great expense producing hundreds of tons of greenhouse gas emissions to have their talk fast. No, this time they did it by Zoom and yes, there were glitches.”

He continued, “And yet while the weather bureau can’t forecast 24 hours, and bureaucrats can’t run a Zoom chat, these world leaders and the climate activists they pander to, tell us they do know what will happen to the climate decades from now, and even better, they know how to control it.”

So far so good in actual he correctly pointed out that little is done to reign in the planet’s biggest polluter: “Even while they agree that the country that has by far the largest carbon footprint, China, can be allowed to continue to dramatically increase its emissions.”

Kenny added, “Now many of you will agree with me that in large part this alarmist and self-delusional attitude is nutty and deserves to be called out. But some of you will believe the spin that this is a rational response to the light of science. Well, let me disavow you of this because you are about to hear from a person the U.S. put on this summit panel.

Forty world leaders supposedly addressing serious scientific, economic, and policy issues and we got this: a New York-based Mexican teenager talking about mother Earth no less.” Kenny said, “When you look at this rot, I’ll tell you how worrying it is if Che Guevara or Fidel Castro were still around it looks like Joe Biden would have them addressing this climate summit,” adding that, “This is off the rails.”

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