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IT CONTINUES: Biden Regime Extends Military Occupation Of Nation’s Capital

The unprecedented militarization of the nation’s capital has once again been extended with the Pentagon authorizing the presence of National Guard boots on the ground until at least late May.

On Tuesday, Secretary Of Defense Lloyd Austin agreed to keep 2,300 troops in Washington D.C. citing a support mission at the request of U.S. Capitol police; the number represents a further reduction from the 20,000 + National Guard members who were deployed under the pretense of protecting politicians from an “armed insurrection” that never occurred.

The announcement comes nearly a week after the House canceled scheduled votes citing intelligence over a “possible plot to breach the Capitol by an identified militia group,” another false alarm that Democrats have used to justify the need for sweeping new domestic terrorism laws in which potential threats could be so vaguely defined so that legitimate political activity could be targeted.

According to a Pentagon statement: “This decision was made after a thorough review of the request and after close consideration of its potential impact on readiness,” and that Defense Department officials would work with Capitol police to “incrementally reduce the National Guard footprint as conditions allow.”

Fox’s Tucker Carlson recently suggested that Americans can expect a permanent militarization of the nation’s capital: “The troops will never leave.” As you probably figured out by now, the troops are in the Capitol for political reasons. They’re there to prop up the regime.”

Carlson has a point and even a limited National Guard presence is likely only being used as a placeholder.

A “task force” commissioned by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and headed up by retired Army Lt. General Russel Honoré has now delivered its recommendations and they include the creation of a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) using the justification that D.C. is “a high-value target for foreign terrorists or domestic extremists, yet it has no dedicated QRF for response to crises.”

Fox News broke the story of the results of Pelosi’s hand-picked panel and the QRF that would put a lasting military presence in D.C. which would be “24/7/365” with an estimated cost of “between $40 and $130 million annually.”

“Members of the force would either be recruited from existing federal law enforcement, established under the D.C. National Guard or from Guard units from all over the U.S. for three to six-month stints, or reestablishing a military police battalion from troops. who live in or near the city year-round, perpetually on active duty,” according to Fox.

Despite the presenting of Pelosi’s task force as being bipartisan in nature, the man who led it has quite a history of social media activity that would indicate that he is a hard-core Democrat loyalist.

What could possibly go wrong? Not that Pelosi and the Democrats have any intention of creating an American version of Saddam Hussein’s notorious Republican Guard or anything.

Sadly, the exploitation of the “storming” of the Capitol on January 6th has led to Democrats using the Rahm Emanuel maxim of never letting a good crisis “go to waste” to permanently change the nature of what not that long ago was a free country.

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