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It’s Getting Worse……Biden’s Latest Episode

I have said it before, and I will say it again: this is cruel.

What they are doing to this guy is cruel. Democrats are using Joe Biden in some sort of manchurian candidate-esque bidding.

He appears to be confused almost everytime I see him. It’s one thing to forget names, but to forget where you are, or what you’re doing?

It’s too much.

A lot of people have also noticed the recent name change to the Biden-Harris administration, and it appears like Kamala Harris could be slowly creeping into a more central role.

Fox News’ @pdoocy: “Somebody shouted out to Biden ‘how are you getting ready for your press conference’ and he said: ‘what press conference?’”

— Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) March 25, 2021

The Conservative Briefhad more on the story:

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Something is clearly wrong with Joe Biden.

During a report on Fox News with anchor Brett Baier, network correspondent Peter Doocy revealed that Biden apparently had no idea on Wednesday afternoon that he has planning to do a press conference.

“Somebody shouted out to Biden ‘how are you getting ready for your press conference’ and he said: ‘what press conference?’” Doocy reported.

Biden is hosting his first press conference on Thursday, and according to Doocy, he didn’t even know it.

CNN reported this, notice the rhetoric, and how they discuss this whole thing:

Eager to avoid unforced rhetorical errors, Biden’s team did a brilliant job throughout the general election campaign of controlling his interactions with the news media, mitigating the risk of unintended stories.

That has continued during his first weeks in office. Americans mostly have heard from their new President in scripted remarks.

It’s in marked contrast to his ubiquitous predecessor, who was always eager to share every thought — well-founded and truthful or not.
Biden has done relatively few interviews. (In fairness, even Trump limited most of his interviews to the fawning precincts of Fox News.)

As president, Biden participated last month in a televised CNN town hall with citizens, a format that allowed him to display his prodigious empathy and decency, with limited opportunity for follow-ups from the moderator.

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