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4 Mobile Charging Mistakes You Should Stop Making

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Mobiles are currently a basic essential need and we can’t imagine our life without them , particularly not in this lockdown at least.

With the rise in usage of cellphones and different devices, installing safety-approved apps and anti-virus among others is imperative to keep up a solid healthy virtual social activity. But, one thing people frequently disregard while taking care of their devices is how they are charging them particularly cell phones.

Did you recognize how you charge your smartphone can directly affect your power bills, security, and lifespan of its battery among others?

Here is the list of mistakes you should not be making while charging your phones if you would like to form them last longer:

Mistake 1: Leaving charger in the socket

A charger inside the socket won’t just cause more electricity bills because the power gets drawn house however it is also harmful. The transformer discharges heat and therefore the accumulation of warmth can cause fire or short-circuits.

Mistake 2: Letting the battery fully die or charging more than 100%

The batteries in cells are lithium-based batteries and they work in control cycles. Therefore if you let the battery die mean you are gradually destroying the gadget.

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Moreover, you should not charge till or over 100%. This is often may sound odd however charging it completely can shorten its life expectancy as a result of the exact number of charge cycles.

Another serious mistake is charging it past 100%. This results in greater electricity bills and disturbance of charging cycles or overheating.

Mistake 3: Using the phone while charging

Draining the phone while it’s on charge can squeeze batteries. So, you need to get the call, remove it from charging and afterward put it to charge after the call has finished.

Mistake 4: Usage of generic and random chargers

When you purchase a smartphone, the company gives you a good/compatible charger. In this way, ensure you use that one and not other generic chargers. This is often also the reason behind why your phone takes such a long time to accuse of different chargers.

Bottom line

The general guideline is to recharge the battery completely once every month and regularly keep it between in the range of 20% and 80%.

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