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3-Year-Old Dies in Hot Car While Mom & Boyfriend Reportedly Binged Netflix Inside

Yet another child has died after being left inside a hot car. Three-year-old Rylee Rose Black) of Queensland, Australia, was reportedly locked inside her mother’s car for more than five hours on Friday before losing consciousness. But now, police are beginning to release more details about why the child was accidentally forgotten there — and neighbors, friends, and even family remain shocked by how it could have happened.

Rylee had gone along for the ride when her mother, Laura Black, 37, and her 29-year-old boyfriend, Aaron Hill, dropped off Rylee’s three older sisters at school.

By 9 a.m., Black had returned to her Townsville home and parked her Toyota Prado in the driveway. That’s when things appear to have gone terribly wrong.

The couple had argued on the way home from school drop-off, and at some point, the toddler had nodded off in the back seat, according to the Townsville Bulletin. It’s unclear from reports whether Black initially intended to return for the child after unloading the car or if she simply forgot her daughter was back there.

Whatever the case, Rylee was left alone in the vehicle for five long hours, as temperatures climbed to nearly 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

The little girl was found unconscious, slumped over in her booster seat, when her mother found her. Black had allegedly been heading out to pick up her other daughters from school when she suddenly realized Rylee had been left in the car all day.

The couple spent the weekend in jail but both were granted bail Monday morning and were released. According to reports, they had only moved in together two weeks ago but will now live separately as they await their trials.

In the meantime, the shocking story has swept through Queensland. At the center of it remains one plaguing question: How could mother and her partner both forget a child was in the back seat of their car? And even if they did, why was the toddler forgotten about for so many hours before she was discovered?

According to police prosecutor Tasman Murphy, the couple was allegedly binge-watching the Netflix show Shameless for hours on end, as little Rylee lay dying outside.

When they later found her, the couple was shocked.

“They turned around and seen the victim child’s head slumped over … removed her from her booster seat to attempt CPR,” Murphy relayed to reporters.

But no amount of life-saving measures would help, and although the panicked mother dialed 911 immediately, the toddler could not be revived.

“Some people don’t deserve to have children,” one person tweeted, after hearing the news. “Unless one do not have the mental capability, no excuse is good enough to explain the death of this young and innocent soul.”

“Heartbreaking, so needless,” another person commented. “My heart goes out to the father and extended family of this little one.”

“Dear little Rylee Rose grew her angel wings on Friday 27th November, 2020,” read a GoFundMe page, which was set up by family friends. “She leaves behind her loving, devoted and devastated father Pete and her four older sisters. No one should experience a loss like this.”

The page, which was set up on Sunday, has already raised $8,800, which will be used to help support the family as they navigate through the tragedy.

In the meantime, Black and Hill are both due back in court in February.

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