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Basic Yoga Tips and Positions

Try these yoga tips and cleanse your body and mind. Let yoga tone your body and relieve your tension.

Yoga is not only a physical practice but apart from gaining physical fitness, it works on the mind to cleanse and purify it. In its essence yoga is a method of harmonizing and integrating all the energies of a human being with the universe. So let us see some basic yoga tips and yoga positions to practice.

Yoga Position: Paschimothanasana:

Practicing this position invigorates the internal organs, reduces fat, so it’s a great yoga diet tip and it also stimulates the nervous system.

Yoga Tips and method:

1. From a lying position, inhale and come up to a sitting position, keeping your arms straight above your head. Point your feet up as you pull in your abdomen, exhale and lean towards to your feet. Beginner yoga tips for this position are to not over extend yourself too soon and to only go as far as possible the first few weeks. Use our yoga tips which include not bending your knees and with time, this yoga position becomes easier to attempt. Basic yoga tips for this yoga position include breathing deeply and staying in this yoga pose for 30- 60 seconds! Repeat as much as you can initially.

Yoga Position: Trikonasana:

This yoga posture tones up your spinal nerves, stretching your spine and improving the functioning of your digestive system. As yoga health tips go, this yoga posture will work well to reduce fat on your sides to keep your waist slimmer.

Yoga Tips and method:

Beginner yoga tips for this position are to stand with your feet well apart, pointing the left foot towards the left and the other also inclined in the same direction. Next, inhale and stretch your left arm out sideways while the other goes straight next to your ear. Basic yoga tips require you to exhale and bend to your left. Look towards your right hand as you stretch and hold this yoga position for 60 seconds. Repeat this yoga posture on the other side too.

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