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Eye Color is an Interesting aspect of Human Body

Eye color is determined genetically but your eye color gives your face much more than just your eyes color.

What determines eye color is difficult to figure. Generally it’s far more likely for two brown eye color parents to have a blue eye color child than for two blue eye color parents to have a brown eye color child. This is because the generally less dominant blue eye color trait can be passed along by brown eye color people until the genes for the lighter eye color happen to match up, possibly many generations later.

Two blue eye color parents, on the other hand, are much less likely to have darker eye color children. This is because darker eye colors generally are so much more dominant that the genetic trait, when present, ordinarily would first show up in the parent, who then wouldn’t be blue eye color at all.

Still, due to the complexities of how genetic traits are passed along, it is entirely possible for two blue eye color parents to have a brown eye color child. Whatever it is that determines eye color the truth about eye color is that eye color plays an important role in our looks. The different eye colors different people have give different sort of depth to their faces.

Enjoy the eye color you have, or play around with your eye color a little, your choice.

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