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Chicken Roast with Potatoes Recipe

Chicken Roast Recipe

American finger licking dish named chicken roast with potatoes recipe. A handsome of unique ingredients will make your dish taste awesome as compare to your usual style of cooking. You can serve it is the main course on you dinner table to satiate your hunger.

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Chicken Roast

Simple few steps are required to prepare this delicious dish like marinating chicken in spices and sauces, and steaming. Chicken roast with potatoes can best be served with salad, white rice and bread. This dish will meet the local taste of traditional Pakistani food lovers also will be of much attraction to children.

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• Chicken Whole Chicken (Full Hen)
• Yogurt: 1 Cup
• Vinegar: 4tbs
• Soya Sauce: 3tbs
• Hot sauce: 2tbs
• Black paper: 1tsp
• Salt: 1tbs
• Potato: 3 wedge style (e.g chips cutting)
• Oil for frying: As required


Step 1: Mix the whole chicken with yogurt, vinegar, soya sauce, hot sauce, hot sauce, black paper powder, red chili powered and salt in a mixing bowl.

Step 2: Take knife and make a hole on one side of the whole chicken breast.

Step 3: Mix all the spices, sauces and powders altogether and put in refrigerator for marination at least 2 Hours. Note, place cuts into the chicken with the point of knife so that the spices embed inside the chicken completely.

Step 4: Take a non-stick cookware and place the marinated chicken inside on a medium light heat.

Step 5: Cook the chicken until it became rarely soft.

Step 6: Then add sliced potatoes into the cut you made inside the whole chicken.

Step 7: Add some oil in the non-stick cookware and cook until the potatoes and chicken became tender.

Step 8: You may serve the chicken roast with potatoes alongside a salad, white rice, bun or bread.

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