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Pregnant women allowed partner alongside ‘at all times’ in new Covid NHS guidelines

United Kingdom National Health Service makes a new rule for expectant mums in England and it is such a difficult time for those who are expecting a baby. A new rule is that no expectant mums allowed to have one person with them during labour, birth and their immediate postnatal period.

Even before, the previous restrictions forced some expectant mums to attend baby scans and midwife appointments alone. In the account of this new restriction many health trusts are requested to review their current rules.

Health chiefs are asked to undertake a risk assessment in each part of their maternity service to see where there could be an increased risk of transmitting coronavirus if a birthing partner is present and tackles any issues with “appropriate infection prevention and control measures” including training and PPE, according to Mirror.

They tweeted: “Delighted to see the revised guidance for visiting in maternity services, recognising that #partnersarenotvisitors, that they are a “key component of safe and personalised maternity care” who should be included throughout.”

In September A carrier mother who was expecting a baby visited with her partner after going through IVF, said the rules which forced her to go to appointments alone were not acceptable.

She backed the #butnotmaternity campaign which had launched a petition to call for restrictions on maternity services to be lifted.

She also shared her experience. “At the first scan, I wasn’t worried about walking in on my own at first and then I saw a girl who was pregnant and she was in tears, it looked as if she hadn’t been told the best news and then it hit me that I was on my own and had no support.

“I had a scare and a bad bleed at around six weeks and had to go to A&E and have a scan by myself while Nikki sat in the car.

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