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Frisco Vaccine Info: Why Are Doses Given for Collin County, Can Someone Else Come to an Appointment and Other Answers

Frisco City Hall has started to answer the most pressing questions residents have about the vaccine, procedures in place, if there is any chance to bring along other people to a booked appointment, second doses issues, and all other uncertainties that could slow down immunization.

Read on to see the City’s answers to your most pressing doubts. You will be able to make your own decision about the vaccine, but it helps a lot to have issues resolved and avoid any lingering uncertainties.

The Frisco City Hall has updated its vaccine guidance to give more insight into what’s going on and reassure residents that all questions and pressing issues can have a solution.

1. If you already have an appointment, can you also bring someone else (spouse, significant other, family member, friend) who also needs the vaccine? Can both vaccines be done during the same appointment?

Unfortunately, the vaccine supply is limited, so that will not be possible or allowed. Only the people who have an appointment can receive their dose.

No walk up or unscheduled patients can be accepted at this time. If there is any change about this policy, it will be announced to the public immediately.

2. If you had your vaccine already or are no longer interested in receiving your doses can you be eliminated from the email list?

It’s great if you already got the vaccine somewhere else. You can just ignore or delete the email with the appointment for your first dose. You don’t have to call or email about it, either.

However, for second doses, the email invites are already scheduled, so they can’t be cancelled. They will be sent out automatically. Just delete the email when you receive it and you should be good to go. Each time a patient doesn’t reply to an email the vaccine is set aside for another person.

3. Can you be vaccinated in your vehicle if you have mobility issues?

Of course, you can ask the staff at the front door and they will be ready to assist you. If you can physically come inside for the vaccine, please do.

4. Why is the City of Frisco Vaccine Clinic servicing people on the Collin County waiting list?

Because Frisco has received the vaccine directly from Collin County. Also keep in mind that the waitlist for Collin County is no longer public.

5. If you received your first dose in another location can you have the second one in Frisco?

You can’t have your second dose in Frisco if you got the first shot from another provider in a different location. You will need to contact the provider that gave you the first dose regarding your options for the second shot.

6. Who should you talk to about health-related questions concerning the COVID-19 vaccine?

Your primary care physician should be your first point of contact for all matters related to the vaccine.

7. Can you receive notifications about future opportunities to have the vaccine?

Yes, the City of Frisco uses its newsletter to communicate all important issues to residents. Subscribe to it by using this link and you’re all set.

8. Why can’t Frisco make its own waiting list?

The city’s approach is focused on guaranteeing that the vaccine is available. That means that whenever Frisco receives a number of vaccine allocations it will make the exact same number of appointments available.

9. What if you are eligible to have a vaccine appointment but wish to have a different manufacturer’s vaccine?

Requests for manufacturer-specific vaccines can’t be accepted at this time.

Hopefully this FAQ has clarified all your pending questions. Stay safe and be ready for new vaccine appointments soon!

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