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High Energy Foods that Jump-Start your Day

High Energy Foods for Women

High Energy Foods for WomenFood is fuel. This information is a cliche yet mostly women follow an unscheduled diet pattern including skimpy breakfasts, hurried lunches and overstuffed dinners. This is sure to result in a torpid state, unaccomplished tasks and thus a bad day!

When talking about high energy foods that jump-start your day, almost everyone considers the quick list including high carbohydrate meals. Here we meet a big misconception. Carbohydrates no doubt are the quickest source of glucose that immediately gives energy when dissolved in blood but it absolutely doesn’t mean that they keep you going through the whole day long.

Which Energy Foods Make A Right Choice?

Diet and nutrition experts rather suggest to avoid instant sources of energy such as candy bars, soda and other sugary drinks as they immediately impart energy, which is short lived. They break down very fast, and soon your body’s blood glucose level starts dropping again, making your energy level low. This is what makes high carbohydrate meals an inappropriate choice when talk of high energy foods.

You need steady and enduring high energy foods that jump-start your day and help retaining an adequate energy level throughout the day. So you need a balanced diet, containing adequate carbohydrates, proteins and fats as well. This is how you can get a steady output of energy to regulate your daily requirement. You should be well informed about the type of calories and their exact count you are taking in, when eating. There’s no harm consulting a dietitian and get a chart prepared.

When To Take Meals:

Mostly, we successfully plan a balanced diet, covering all the nutrients but the time we take them is highly inappropriate and thus taking them remains a waste. A bad diet schedule means skipping meals, late or no breakfasts, hurried or fast food options for lunch, topped up with a big serving seven course dinner meal!!! A heavy dinner makes you feel tired and induces sleep disorders.

When we take high energy foods or heavy diet for dinner, we actually don’t need this energy as we don’t have to exert after dinners. Why take so much before going to bed?? when it’s not required rather adds strain to the digestive system.

What about taking high energy foods that jump-start your day very early in the morning? this fastens up your metabolism and thus you feel like working with a rejuvenated spirit.

Instead of taking three big meals, dietitians recommend to break the diet schedule into five smaller meals. A midnoon and an afternoon snacking can help restoring your energy level without letting it fall.

A proper and well maintained diet schedule is the ultimate solution that can keep you moving and manage your multi tasking every day.

When planning or getting a prepared diet plan from dietitian, you need a consistent attitude towards your energy foods intake. You need a right choice of food taken on the right time. In this connection, diet and nutrition experts recommend you to break down your daily ideal requirement of calories intake into three equal parts, leaving room for two snack meals. These snack meals help topping up the energy level which might have fallen otherwise because of the long gaps in between the regular three meals. Thus your energy fixes up on an adequate level, keeping you work without any trouble.

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