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Foods That Cause Acidity

Foods That Cause Acidity

Foods That Cause AcidityAcidity is nowadays an everyday problem for many people. The condition of acidity is extremely bothersome with burning sensation in the stomach and esophagus region. There can be various reasons for the causes of acidity problems. However, the most common cause of acidity is the foods we put in the body. Some of the incompatible food types that can result as a major invoker for acidity are as follows:

Fried Food

They are more challenging to digest and can cause havoc on the digestive tract. Deep fried foods are usually heavy and slow down the process of digestion, leaving excess acids that in turn cause acidity. Besides slowing down digestive process, fried foods can create increased pressure in the stomach.

Baked Products

Yummy foods like brownies, cookies and pies can create acidity problems for you, especially if they are processed and full of artificial colors and preservatives. Foods with refined white sugar and enriched with flour rank on the top of the acidic charts.


The high levels of caffeine in coffee make it one of the causes of acidity. Excessive intake of coffee may lead to an increased secretion of gastric acid in the stomach which may trigger acid reflux.

Fizzy drinks

Carbonated and fizzy drinks like colas and sodas increase pressure levels in stomach, which eventually increases the acidity. Always prefer plain water over carbonated drinks to stay away from acidity problems. Also avoid acidic fruit juices, especially before going to bed.

Spicy foods

For obvious reasons, extremely hot and spicy foods containing chilli peppers can be a big trigger for acidity problems and heartburn.


Alcohol not only inflicts acidity problems in your body, but also dehydrates you.


The tasty meat dishes can also be a major culprit behind acidity problems. Meat with high fat is heavier for stomach and requires more acid to digest. The best way to avoid acidity issues is to limit meat intake to twice or thrice a week and chew well before swallowing.

Dairy foods

Consumption of creamy cold milk may provide temporary relief to acidity, but if taken on full stomach it can make the situation worse for you.

While it is not easy to give up with all your favorite foods, but one should try to avoid them when possible to prevent acidity problems.


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