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7 Tips to Power Up With Protein

Protein is one of the essential parts of the balanced diet. The fitness conscious people are always fond of having protein in their diets due to its enormous health benefits. These days, the power of protein is widely known and it is commonly found in various energy bars and fortified cereals, crackers and bread. Proteins are usually considered as a slow-burning fuel, because they take longer time to digest.These nutrients are capable of keeps you feeling full for longer durations and thus considered great for the people who are struggling to lose weight. On the other hand, people who want to build muscles and body include proteins in their diet, as it assist in strengthening muscle and maintain your body. In spite of knowing the benefits, many people are unaware of the best sources of proteins and how much they should intake. Following are the 7 tips that can help you in powering up your protein intake.

Note Down the “Essentials”

Protein is actually a combination of essential and non-essential amino acids. A complete source of protein will be the one that contains all the nine essential amino acids that are just perfect to include in the dietary routine every person. Besides containing all the nine essential amino acids, the complete protein source will have them in a perfect balance and proportion according to biological function. Some of the great examples are dairy products, lean meat, egg white and soy.

Average Quantity Per Day

The daily intake of protein should be 46-56 grams. In other terms, protein should represent about 10 percent to 35 percent of your daily food intake and calories. However, the intake also depends on your overall health and activity level. An average daily intake of protein for a healthy adult should be 0.8 to 1 g/Kg. Keeping in view the average proportion, a woman weighing 150 lbs (i.e. average weight) can include 54-68 gms of protein in daily diet. The best way to intake protein is to take it daily in a consistent amount. Avoid the practice of loading up proteins in your diet in one day and go without for the next two. Protein intake works best for the body when taken in consistency.

Don’t Make it Complicated

Don’t complicate the protein intake worrying about special food pairings. It is not necessary that each and every meal must have a balance between complete and incomplete protein sources. Just make sure that your body is getting balanced nutrition over the course of entire day.

Take Animal Proteins

Proteins obtained from animal sources are the most easily absorbed and best used by the body. Though, you can get the protein from plant sources as well. However, the protein punch of the animal sources will be greater in comparison, as your body can more easily harness it.

Try Other Protein Sources As Well

Besides animal protein, you should include foods enriched with protein from other sources as well. You can get proteins from legumes, dried beans, peas, quinoa, nuts, seeds and low-fat dairy products like cheese and yogurt.

Try Whey Protein Powder

People who don’t link protein rich foods can surely consider this option to include proteins in your daily diet. Whey Protein powder is a good source of protein when you are on the go. However, one must avoid using protein powder in addition to a meal, as it will add extra pounds. You can use this on its own as a part of a meal replacement.

Get Your Burn with Eating Proteins

One of the most interesting fact about protein is its quality of thermogenic. This means that as the protein digested it creates a slight calorie burn routine in the body. As compared to many carbohydrate rich foods, protein takes much time and energy of body to digest and has a greater thermogenic effect. Eating proteins will give your digestive system a good, hard run and a good chance of burning calories.

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