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10 Amazing Food Trends that Died

Food Trends

The culinary world has seen a lot of food trends and innovative cooking ideas, bring a revolution in the way we choose and eat our meal. Some of the foods are so fantastic to have become a must part of our lunch and dinner times. A number of recipes are so amazing to make our meals highly interesting. At the same time, a few food trends proved to be useless for the chefs, and finally died. Let us see the list of top 10 amazing food trends that died last year in 2015.

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10. Mojitos

Mojito Drinks Recipes

We all love to make mojitos a part of our drinks. At most of the restaurants, a glass of lime juice is not like that much as is mojitos. For special mojito muddlers, we never feel bad to pay even $40 per serving. Last year in 2015, this food trend has come to an end at most of the restaurants, so you would hardly find some that is still offering mojitos.

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9. Almond Milk

How To Make Almond Milk at Home

The almond milk has always been one of the most favorite and amazing food trends of USA, UK, and Canada. This always seemed like a perfect unnatural and delicious meal. Surely, people love it a lot, but it’s not ubiquitous anymore.

8. Cooking with Breast Milk

Breast Milk

Don’t get shock to read this name. Yes, cooking with breast milk has been a food trend for many years in developed nations. But it is no more with us, so let us pretend it was never present in our lives.

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7. Raw Veggies

Are Vegetables Healthier Raw

So many Americans love raw veggies. They consider it to be a healthy and hygienic diet. But finally, it was decided that raw veggies should be removed from our restaurants. It happened at the time when Americans started paying high amounts for the same raw veggies present in their refrigerators that they didn’t want to eat at first hand. Good one, but the trend has gone now.

6. Truffle oil

Truffle oil is a modern culinary

The truffle oil is considered to be a fine-dining ingredient that can make our dishes tasty and fully healthy. A time came last year in 2015 that the people realized it wasn’t made with actual truffles (really expensive mushrooms). So, they all stopped eating it, and finally the food trend came to an end.

5. Cooking with Ash

Cooking Your Ash Off

There has been much trend of adding flavor to our grilled food with ash. During the cooking, in USA, steaks and veggies were made delicious with ash. Soon it came to our notice that cooking with ash is not good for health. It seriously disturbs our lungs, and blood circulation, so finally this food trend ended up last year in 2015.

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4. Octopus

octopus recipes

Yes, you read it right. Octopus has been a favorite meal of Americans and Europeans. It is liked in every form–stewed, sautéed, broiled, boiled, braised or fried. The octopus is chewy and is known to have lesser flavors than squids. So, it is no more eaten nowadays.

3. Deviled Eggs

Classic Deviled Eggs Recipe

Who wouldn’t love to eat eggs, especially when we are to enjoy winters. But the deviled eggs aren’t in trend any more. The mad-man theme dinner of these eggs has been a part of parties, but finally it came to an end. Why? Just because there’s no better deviled egg than the classic.

2. Bacon

Bacon is a meat product prepared

The bacon cannot be mixed in anything, this is why, it uses to make us bored and tired. The same way of making and preparing of bacon is what the reason of ending up this trend was. To be honest, bacons are great for flavorings only. For chefs, it is nothing more than a replacement of tomato ketchup, so it is no more used.

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1. Umami as a “thing”

umami burger recipe

It’s great that we’ve discovered a replacement of umami. It used to make the party meals rock; we love umami blends, and umami tasting courses that were little more than repurposed Asian cuisine. But this is no more a part of our diets; yes this particular food trend has been ended. Now, every one of you is free to pay attention on discovering something better.

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