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Cause, Cure, Prevention of Back Pain

Cause, Cure, Prevention of Back Pain

This article is for all you ladies out there; to learn how to cure back problems and to avoid them if you do not suffer from back problems yet.

Well believe it or not back problems are completely normal and everyone suffers from them at least once in their life. Mostly back problem occurs in women when they pass their 40’s yet it is not always the case. Even teenagers can suffer from back problem. Two of the most important people in my life i.e. my mother and my best friend; have suffered from this drastic trauma of back pain.

This was when I did some research on back problems and found its causes and remedies which I am going to share with you ladies. You can also follow these remedies even if you are not a victim of back problem yet just to avoid it in future as well.

Back problems are very common now days. The major reasons of back problem are described below:

  • Our working habits i.e. sitting for hours in front of the computer, sitting in office chair in un-appropriate poses, lifting heavy stuff during periods
  • Another cause of back problem is negligence in women’s health care. Many women neglect their health while looking after their family and over exhaust themselves.
  • Picking up heavy objects from the ground while bending your back and thus straining your backbone another major cause of back pain
  • Stress is also root of back problems as it damages your nervous system
  • Other reasons may include some severe injuries during an accident, obesity, a serious disease or major problems in the disc spacing of the back bone


  • Certainly do not go for a bed rest for more than 2 days as it will stiffen your back muscles and give you more pain! Return to your normal routine as soon as possible even if it hurts in the beginning
  • Visit a physiotherapist and get physical therapy which includes stretching your legs while supporting your backbone etc.
  • Get massage therapies regularly preferably from a professional if you plan to do it at home you can use olive oil and a muscle relaxant like voltrol emulgel. Always remember to get your back massage upwards that is move your hands from your hips all the way to your back neck
  • Acupuncture is another proven cure for back pain
  • Use heat therapies like hot bath or wrapping your back in hot wrap


  • Check your posture from time to time and sit up straight on chairs do not bend your back bone. You should also keep your posture straight while standing
  • While picking up heavy objects sit down and then pick it up rather than bending your back
  • Hot baths and spas are very helpful in relaxing your muscles, pamper your body
  • Avoid over exhausting your body. Give your body rest whenever it demands from you
  • Get back massages as a routine they will not only help you prevent back problems but also are a great stress buster
  • Make exercise a part of your daily routine it will help you in numerous ways

From the first symptoms of acute back pain, you must get a complete check up to make sure there is no serious disease. Curing back pain takes time it may even be up to 6 months but with determination you can get rid of it in no time. Also remember, surgery is the last resort in back problems and it also has some after affects so try these traditional methods first. Other than that stay happy, pamper yourself, live a healthy lifestyle and prevent such diseases.

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