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Madonna’s party fallout

Madonna’s party fallout

Madonna and Guy Ritchie might be perfect husband and wife, happily married for eight years but they don’t seem to be perfect parents for they got contradicting views and plans for their son, Rocco.

Recently Madonna organized a birthday party for her son, that was very cool grown up party with lots of soft drinks and canapes. She hired a group of DJs and break dancers to create a ‘rap’ theme and invited 150 of Rocco’s friends.

Her plan was to have a wholesome daytime party, with Rocco‘s friends, including an alcohol-free dinner, with jelly, dairy-free ice cream and gluten-free brownies. However, Guy didn’t approve. He thought it was too grown up for Rocco.

Moreover, Madonna and Guy also said to have different views on where Rocco will be educated, with Madonna wanting him near her in New York and Guy set on his schooling taking place in London.

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