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Swine Flu Shots are not Strong Enough

Swine Flu Shots are not Strong Enough

Swine flu shots for children have been recalled. According to health officials this is because tests indicate the vaccine doses are not strong enough.

The shots were distributed across the United States last month and most have already been used. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the 800,000 pre-filled syringes that were recalled are for young children, ages 6 months to nearly 3 years.

Health experts stress that parents don’t need to do anything or even worry if their child got one or two of the recalled shots. The vaccine is safe and effective. Tests done before the shots were shipped revealed that the vaccines were strong enough. But tests done weeks later showed the strength had fallen slightly below required levels.

Why the strength levels dropped isn’t clear. The vaccine has been in high demand. Hence health experts don’t expect to see much come back. Young children are to get two doses at a month’s difference. Health officials don’t deem it necessary for children to get vaccinated again.

Swine flu was first detected in April. During the first seven months of the pandemic, Swine Flu has sickened about 50 million Americans and killed about 10,000, according to estimates of health experts.

Swine Flu has been striking terror across the globe; worst swine flu vaccine is not strong enough.

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