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Applying makeup can be classified as a form of art, but once you have learned how to asses your face, you are in control of the most important skill you need – how to use the best make up to suit your needs.

If true beauty is about projecting your inner confidence, then colour cosmetics and make up tools are how we translate that confidence onto our face. Try new methods of applying makeup because experimenting is fun! Now I always find that people have many concerns and queries when it comes to beauty make up, so whether its make up brushes, make up tips or the best make up to invest in, some of the answers lie right here as you read on.

What is the best make up? Expensive or cheap make up?
The packaging will be nicer, it might smell better and the formulation would be better and if you apply the make up correctly, then it shouldn’t feel too different. However, the biggest difference will be its longevity. Make up artists suggest that expensive brands last longer. Try Mac, Prescriptives, Dior and Chanel

Brushes or applicators?
Make up brushes can make all the difference to applying makeup, from foundation brushes to eye make up brushes. Ruby and Millie, Mac and Bobbi Brown have some of the best make up kits in the market. Applicators apply make up too harshly and blending with them is not a good idea.

How often should I clean my make up brushes?
Make up brushes should be washed and cleaned every month or bi monthly. Think of the make up stored in them and how that can lead to spotty skin breakouts.

What make up tips are there for unruly eyebrows?
Eyebrows define our eyes and face shape. If you want to use a soft pencil, then I suggest Stila which is double ended. Alternatively, eyebrow powder from The Body Shop is the best make up tool which has worked for years! I don’t suggest using mascara as some make up artists do. It leaves them too dark and clumpy looking.

When investing in the best make up, splurge on your foundation and concealers. The best make up doesn’t have to be the most expensive; however, the basic colours in your make up kits should be good quality. Rimmel, Bourjois, L’Oreal and Max Factor are some middle tiered make up brands which have some great products to purchase.

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