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Stomach Flu Conditions and Remedies

Stomach Flu Treatment

Stomach Flu

Well there are a lot of people who can’t differentiate between the stomach flu and influenza which is a normal flu and try to treat the stomach flu in the same way as they treat the normal flu. However the bacterial infections of stomach flu can be treated by the antibiotics but the infection which causes the influenza cannot be treated with the same course as it causes because of the virus.

Stomach Flu Symptoms:

Whereas there are many stomach flu symptoms and the person who is suffering from the disease can get to know to know about it by the following symptoms namely the pain in stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, abdominal cramps, severe headache, loss of body fluid and many other symptoms as well. However, the loss of the fluid can leads to dehydration which needs a lot of attention to be treated at first place.

Well the one most noticing determinant in stomach flu is the dehydration which can be judged by suffering of a person’s sunken pale eyes and an unaccepted mitigation in skin elasticity, urine output, tears  and even the dryness in skin, lips, mouth while the normal level of water intake also increase. Well the person should note all these stomach flu symptoms to nerves and should immediately revert back to the normal eating habit. Well the major role is played by the viruses, bacteria’s, parasites and the one other powerful trigger which is lactose intolerance which causes the ultimate reactions to the diary products.

The most common bacteria’s which cause the gastroenteritis includes E.coli, Campylobacter, Shigella and Salmonella. Well many of us don’t care much of our hygiene and these bacteria react to the sensitive skin immediately. One must fulfill the healthy hygienic conditions so that these bacteria’s should no t cause danger to yourself .most of the gems take birth in contaminated water and the unclean water give birth to water borne parasites. Regular hand washing and drinking the purified bottle water can save from this disease.

Well another stomach flu conditions gets evident through unhealthy food items. Well there are many food items which affect your stomach in a bad day even the timings of consuming such items also carry importance. Specifically the diary products which posses the lactose intolerance is the one common example to discuss. Well the stomach flu has this transferability factor it spread from one to another.

Stomach Flu Remedies:

If we talk about the remedies of the stomach flu treatment.

  • Consult A Doctor

For the stomach flu treatment one should firstly of all one should be aware of his/her level of dizziness and sluggishness as well the level of dehydration because this determines when you should call a doctor. When the sleepiness and the feeling of being fainted tell you to consult a doctor. Continuous blood in vomiting, high fevers, abdomen pain. Fatigues are he triggers to better tackle them.

  • Eat Stomach Friendly Food Make Your Body Strong

For the stomach flu treatment try to make your get well plan and include the healthy fresh fruits, vegetables and water intake in your plan. Well at this point in time you need to strategies a lot. Weak body can’t fight with the stomach flu. So go for the natural remedies that can target the nausea and dehydration firstly. Go for the apple Juices, bananas, rice; clear liquid diet which includes the water, sports drinks, alcohol and caffeine free soda, even the chicken can be eaten but try to avoid the other sort of meats.

  • Things To Avoid

The stomach flu treatment suggests avoiding few food items. There are foods to avoid which include the diary products and all caffeine base and products should not be consumed.

  • Rehydration Solutions For The Children

Well the children at this point in time should get rid of the junks and hard to digest food. All kind a surgery, diary, products can make you suffer.  And try to add the easy to digest food in your child dietary schedule as a treatment to stomach flu.

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