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How Antibiotics Affect your Weight

Taking antibiotics has become quite common nowadays due to the rapid increase of different types of infections. When it comes to antibiotics, most of us focus on the side effects of antibiotics. However, there are many ways in which antibiotics affect our body. Besides dealing with the infections, antibiotics affect your weight too. Believe it or not, but it affects the body weight, as it has been proven that one of the side effects of antibiotics that we used  to treat ear and throat infections is its effectiveness in losing unwanted pounds.

While being worried about the side effects of antibiotics, we usually ignore the other parts. According to the latest research, it has been proven that it one of the side effects of antibiotics that while holding back the growth of some bacteria, it supports the growth of other bacteria. It has been believed that antibiotics affects weight loss as it can be altered to promote the ability to shed unwanted body weight.

As per the research, it has been suggested that weight gain is actually linked to some types of bacteria present in the gut. The antibiotics affects on these bacteria as part of the treatment of infection. However, side by side antibiotics also treat the weight gain bacteria. Keeping in view the side effects of antibiotics, the conclusion can be made that the antibiotics that are used in slaying bacteria of infections can be joined together with diet and exercise in the fight against obesity. It affects on weight by killing the bacteria in the gut that promotes weight gain, and thus join the efforts of losing body weight.

While the antibiotics affects negatively on the bacteria that causes infection, it actually works for our immune system that are responsible for encouraging the growth of some particular types of bacteria that promotes weight gain. While the bacteria are always considered to be harmful and can be treated as the side effects of antibiotics, not all bacteria are bad. There are bacteria that are known as Probiotics, which are considered as healthy bacteria.
Keeping in view the antibiotics affects, it can be said that they can simultaneously inhibit the growth of some type of bacteria while promoting the growth of some other types. During the research about side effects of antibiotics, it has been believed that antibiotics can be used to encourage weight loss. The weight loss and weight gain actually depends on the presence of right mix of bacteria in the gut. The side effects of antibiotics are therefore largely depend on the dosages in which they are taken.

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