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Remedies for Panic Attack

treat panic attacks

Have you ever witness a person going through panic attack. Have you witnessed how painful of a process is panic attack? The victim goes through a sequel of trauma in time duration and the adverse of it hits him somewhere in the subconscious. The negativity of the event also transitions to the subconscious of those who are spectators. Does the situation of panic attack scare you? Or do you find the situation negatively strong, not to handle it? Well here’ the catch. Today we will be discussing some remedies that can be tried to prevent panic attack.

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Panic Attacks

For those who do not understand what exactly a panic attack is? A panic attack is a condition of a person that is far adverse than plain fear and anxiety. There are evident physical symbols of panic attack for instance sweating and heavy heart racing. Panic attacks usually strike without actual reason, warning or in terns you might say a notification. It is well said to be prepared for unseen circumstances, especially in this case; one should be prepared beforehand.

Panic Attacks Can Be Lowered By the Following Remedies


Stress Management

Deep Breathing

But Among the Tips These Are the Following That Can Be Included:

• Breathe in a paper bag, this technique is called hyperventilation, but those having troubles with breathing like asthma patients should avoid it. This is because this hyperventilation might at some point lead to oxygen deprivation to such people.Avoid any Tension

• To begin with dealing the panic attack, the victim should relax the shoulders and try to avoid any tension of muscles the person is observing.

• Now try tightening one leg for a while maintaining the breathe and then relax it. This action should be repeated With both the legs.

• Drink chamomile tea. Yes, this is a natural yet very effective remedy for panic attack. The ingredient epiginine in chamomile as a supplement is a reason for anxiety reduction. It imparts the proper chemical balance to the victim and thus reduces the worsened condition. green tea

• Drinking of green tea with L-theanine is also a very effective remedy for reducing panic attacks.

• Exercise  or let’s say aerobic exercise is another effective way to wave off that panic attack

• Another most important treatment for panic attack at hand is if the victim is standing they should sit down, if they are sitting they should lie down. The shifts in body position helps lower the anxiety rate in the body and brain.stop panic attacks

• Also another aspect to cover panic attack would be water consumption. Yes, you heard me right the more you have it the better it becomes. In such circumstances taking a bath also helps. So, these are the ways by which a panic attack can be lowered. Next time you see an aversion from a normal state to panic attack. Treat the victim with generosity; from the piece of wisdom and knowledge we just shared!

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