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I Hate Seeing Myself on Screen: Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp

The 52-year-old actor is among the most in-demand stars in Hollywood, yet he can barely bring himself to look at his own performances on the big screen. He admitted: ”I hate watching myself on screen. I can’t stand it.” The acclaimed actor, whose film credits include the money-spinning ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise and ‘Edward Scissorhands’, also revealed he was ”absolutely horrible at auditioning” during his younger years. He said: ”I was a young idiot.

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Johnny Depp Hate Seeing Myself

I recognised that this [auditioning] process really had far less to do with performance and far less to do with connecting. ”So in my mind I always thought, to put it in a very nice way, this is horses**t. It’s an uncomfortable place to be where you feel you must be ‘on’.” What’s more, the movie icon revealed he only pays attention to the dialogue in a film script and consciously ignores all other directions. Speaking at the AFI Fest 2015, he said: ”I black out all screen direction. Why should I know what’s supposed to happen? I think it should be much more organic.”

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