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From Playtime to Lifelong Health: Why Physical Activity Matters for Children

Kids Physical Activity Playing
Credit: Ketut Subiyanto/ Pexels

Being a parent is hard work. You’re constantly trying to keep your kids safe, healthy, and happy. And while you may not be able to control everything in their lives, you can definitely help them by making sure they get enough physical activity. Here’s why it’s so important for kids to stay active.

It improves academic performance

Academic performance can be one of the most important things to consider in life; it can affect career opportunities, income potential, and confidence levels amongst many other things. It makes sense then that improving a student’s academic performance should be a priority. Thankfully, there are several ways that this goal can be achieved such as studying hard and actively engaging with educational materials outside of the classroom.

Dedicating regular study time, setting achievable goals, and using helpful revision techniques to support learning can really pay off in the long run when it comes to making improvements to academic performance. Even small changes like having a tidy workspace or taking regular breaks when revising can make all the difference!

It reduces stress and anxiety

Taking a few moments to practice mindfulness or meditation has never been easier, and research is showing that it can have profound impacts on our mental health. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety, setting aside a few minutes each day to tune into your body can do wonders.

Instead of going through the motions of everyday life — stuck in worries about past events or concerns about what lies ahead — taking some time for mindfulness encourages present-focused awareness, enabling us to recognize, accept and respond more appropriately to many challenges. It’s certainly worth doing even just for a few minutes every day – your mind (and body) will thank you!

It strengthens bones and muscles

There’s no doubt that exercise is a key factor in maintaining both our physical and mental health. Not only does it improve our overall fitness and well-being, but it also has amazing benefits for our bones and muscles. With regular exercise, we can help to make our bones stronger and reduce the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis later on in life.

Ketut Subiyanto/ Pexels

We can also target specific muscle groups through targeted workouts or activities, coming out with a toned physique that gives us an extra spring in our step! So if you want to put your body in its best shape, make sure you’re regularly getting some exercise; it strengthens bones and muscles so you can feel healthier both inside and out.

It promotes social skills and teamwork

Playing team sports is an excellent way for people to develop social skills and learn the importance of working together. Not only does this empower individuals with the ability to work as part of a unit, but it also teaches them how to cooperate, compromise and think critically. Not only do these attributes translate into better performance on the field, but they also have positive impacts on relationships off the field too.

Working with others in a team contributes to building strong relationships with teammates, coaches, and anyone else involved in sports activities. That being said, playing sports also teaches us how to deal gracefully with defeat; how to take criticism from coaches and teammates; and how to use our own strengths and weaknesses for everyone’s benefit. These skills are invaluable for life after sport too.

It boosts self-esteem and confidence

There’s no question that taking on and achieving any sort of task will obviously boost our self-confidence and esteem. It could be something as simple as finally figuring out how to do a Rubik’s cube or more complex such as running a successful business.

No matter what it is, the feeling of accomplishment that comes with it is like no other. Knowing you were able to work hard and overcome obstacles is one of the most humbling yet rewarding experiences you can have in life. So if ever you’re filled with self-doubt, remember that challenging yourself can be just the boost of confidence you need!

From increased academic performance and reduced stress to stronger bones and improved social skills, exercise is truly a wonder drug. Not only does it improve our physical health, but it also has numerous emotional benefits as well.

Building self-esteem and confidence can help us all take on new challenges with renewed enthusiasm and courage. Exercise can be beneficial for everyone, regardless of age or skill. So why not grab a pair of sneakers and get out there? Starting today will bring you one step closer to unlocking your potential—emotional and physical!

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