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Malaria Symptoms and Its Remedies

Malaria Symptoms

Malaria SymptomsMalaria is one of the common diseases but if not be cure at it’s starting symptoms, malaria can be give serious health problem. The malaria word derived from “mal” “aria” which means bad air in Italian dictionary. This word was firstly used by H-Walpole in 1740, but later on in 1889 it is actually discovered by R.Ross that malaria is actually transmitted from mosquitoes.

The four types of Malaria are P. vivax, P.ovale, P.malariae and plasmodium falciparum malaria. But the life threatening type id plasmodium falciparum malaria, the other three are not so serious. Mostly malaria infections occur in 9 to 14 days. The mostly common malaria symptoms are fever, nausea, headache, vomiting, flu-like symptoms and some other. Severe sweating is also a malaria symptom which is seen in patients. Malaria symptoms appear in stages and conditions cause muscle aches and back aches too.

The immediately conditions occur after the mosquito bite, like itching, scaling, petechial hemorrhages and muscular rashes. After this it might be appeared in dengue fever or malaria fever.

There are several home remedies that can be good in use to cover up speedily malaria conditions.  In the quart kind of malaria Limes and Lemons are powerful remedy which can cure from malaria instantly. Grape fruit is also another source of quinine substance which is effectively dealing with malaria.

If you are feeling the malaria symptoms immediately boil glass of water with cinnamon powder, then add honey and pepper powder. The fever nut seeds are also affective remedy for malaria. Herbalists suggest that 6gms of seed should be given with the cup of water.

In tertian type of malaria fever the leaves of datura plant are also useful.

These were some herbal remedies to cure malaria; however the easy and important thing is care. Spray thoroughly at homes and offices, try to avoid go outside at early morning or in the evening.  And if you have to go must then don’t forget to apply mosquito prevent lotions easily available in the markets.

According to estimation there are 300-350 million new cases every year, from which 1.5 to 2.7 million malaria cases cause death worldwide. It is also said by historical records that malaria is infecting the humans since the beginning of mankind.

Warning: In serious conditions of malaria immediately visit your doctor as malaria is a life threatening disease.

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