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How to Make Hanging Curtains More Beautiful

Beautiful Curtains

Beautiful Curtains

Once we hang up a pair of curtains, most of us usually forget them. However, after sometime we realize the need of change when we found them dull and boring. Though the concept of hanging curtains had been same monotonous and seemed quite unchanged from a long time, but with innovative ways and amazing ideas you can surely make hanging curtains more beautiful and attractive than you ever had before. With brilliant ideas you can dress up your hanging curtains so that they can enliven an entire room. However, it is not necessary that making hanging curtains beautiful will require a big budget, as you can make your creativity work within your financial limits.

Following are some of the creative ideas for making your hanging curtains more beautiful:

Hanging Curtains with Ribbons

You can embellish your plain boring curtains by coordinating ribbon to personalize them. To make this idea work, all you need are your existing hanging curtains, ribbon, and thread.


  • First of all lay the hanging curtain panel flat with the right side up.
  • Select the ribbon in contrast with curtains’ color combination and place it along the edge with extra at the top and bottom so it can be folded over to the back side. Pin up the satin ribbon in place.
  • Top stitch the ribbon along both long edges and across the top and bottom of the ribbon to hold it properly in place.

Hanging Curtains with Stamped Impressions

Make your hanging curtains attractive by impressing colorful symbols onto linen curtains for season-appropriate style. All you have to do is to buy rubber stamps or have them custom-made from illustrations that best suits your curtains according to your room decor. To make your hanging curtains impactful, you will need rubber stamps, paper, scissors, cotton-linen blend curtains, and fabric rubber-stamp ink.

  • Before making impressions directly on hanging curtains, stamp images onto paper multiple times and cut them out.
  • To avoid any mistakes, place these images on the curtains to plot out your arrangement for making impressions.
  • Once you are done with the arrangement, press the stamps directly onto the fabric of your hanging curtains. Always make sure to use fabric-stamp ink for making decorative impressions on your curtains.

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