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Stroke Symptoms – Conditions and Remedies

Stroke Symptoms in Women

Stroke Symptoms Conditions and Remedies

A stroke usually occurs when blood flow to a particular part of the brain stops, which results in loss of speech or sensory feelings. Stroke occurs in a matter of few seconds, but if one learns to recognize stroke symptoms, and is conditions and remedies, things can be controlled before they get out of hand.

Stroke conditions:

High blood pressure-increases you chances of getting a stroke. You don’t just have to watch out for stroke symptoms but also conditions and remedies. Patients suffering from high blood pressure should cut salt from their diet, avoid alcohol, smoking and oily food.

High blood cholesterol-High cholesterol can cause deposits of fat, which can result in blockage of blood.

Heart disease-enlarged heart chambers, heart valve defects or any other heart disease can cause formation of clots which can result in stroke symptoms.

Obesity-Obesity apart from causing other problems like heart diseases, diabetes and high cholesterol levels, can also result in stroke symptoms.

As soon as stroke symptoms occur, one should take measures to find out the conditions and remedies to control it but if a stroke comes in full blow, you should always take the patient to the doctor because severe strokes can also cause death. However, some conditions and remedies are provided by nature to reduce the chances of receiving a stroke.

Natural remedies:

Carrot is found to be a very useful antidote against strokes. Stroke symptoms are usually immediately followed by a stoke itself, but once you have had a stroke, you should work on conditions and remedies to save yourself from another stroke. Carrots are one such remedy for strokes. It is found through research that having approximately 5 carrots in a week can reduce chances of having a stroke by two thirds.

Spinach is yet another vegetable which is helpful in curing stroke symptoms. Although conditions and remedies vary for various patients, but these vegetables cannot cause any harm, if not cure the problem and so one should always give it a try. Spinach contains vast amount of Beta Carotene, which is highly useful against strokes.

Supplements of Beta Carotene and Vitamin A can also help against strokes. Or they can also be consumed by eating leafy, green vegetables or fruits like pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, papayas, mangoes and melon.

Potassium is yet another antidote against stroke symptoms. Having potassium rich diet, or supplements can help with conditions and remedies of stroke.

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