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Conditions and Remedies-Eyes Infection

Eyes Infection

Eyes InfectionThe eye infections are caused by microbiological agents, bacteria or viral infections. The conditions and signs of eye infections are as follows, Itching, burning vision, chronic redness of eyes, swollen eyelids, watering eyes, pain in eyes, eye discharge.

All eye infections treatment is possible but these eye infections treatment are depend upon the condition of infections. One of the important eye infections is Sore eyes. The original term of sore eyes is conjunctivitis. Although there are many types of sore eyes but these are mainly based on three type’s Sore eyes.

Bacterial Sore eyes:

When bacteria enter in the eye it causes the redness & irritation which are clear symptoms of sore eyes. In some cases sore eyes may cause pus discharge, in this condition you should contact physician.

Viral Sore eyes:

Viral sore eyes are also called pink eye infection. This may cause due to viruses.

Chemical Sore eyes:

This eye infection can cause by toxic chemicals like soaps, shampoo etc. The condition due to it is irritation in the sensitive areas of eyes & surely can be caused of sore eyes. Sore eyes may be due to rubbing of eyes. Sore eyes can also cause by another environmental factors, like pollution, sun rays, smoking etc.

People may get sore eyes due to continually concentrating their eyes on reading, or using computer. Usually the very common symptoms of sore eyes are pink eyes, itchiness, irritation, watering. Whereas contact lenses can also cause eye infection especially sore eyes. The lenses should be proper disinfection. For most cases of eye infections there are home remedies to cure especially for sore eyes.

The best remedy to cure sore eyes is Use sunglasses whenever you go out. It will also prevent you from pollution, dust. The immediate remedies for Sore eyes which are caused by chemical irritation need urgent flush of water. Wash your eyes with clean & normal temperature tab water.  Try the remedy of warm compresses for sore eyes it helps to stop reproduction of viruses that cause conditions of eye infections. For this remedy you have to wrap the thick towel around hot water bottle, Put this hot towel on your close sore eyes, it will give relaxation & prevent to damage your eyes.  Don’t go swimming until your sore eyes has cleared up Avoid self medication if your eye infection is serious.

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