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The Perfect Dress for the Summer Wedding

Summer Wedding
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As much as summer is the time of hitting the beaches and savoring the sun, it is also a time of heat and hotness. Hence, planning a summer wedding is not only difficult for the bride and groom, but also for the people attending the wedding. The major problem that the bride faces in a summer wedding is deciding upon the wedding dress that would be most appropriate for the season.

A summer wedding dress should be customized by the bride herself keeping in mind her needs and requirements. A lot of people are more prone to sweating in summer than others, therefore only the bride herself can determine what kind of fabric she’d like to adorn on her special day. A heavily accessorized dress or a dress with big tailing may not be an appropriate choice for a summer wedding dress. A summer wedding dress is supposed to be simple, elegant, light, and airy.

Silk is not the appropriate choice for a summer wedding dress as it tends to be clingy. Elegant substitutes for silk, however, are breezy fabrics such as chiffon, lace, or tulle. A skirt made of synthetic fabrics that are lightweight and made to simulate satin will make a good summer wedding dress too. Also, the length of the wedding dress is advised to be short as compared to the traditional floor-length wedding gowns. This new trend of summer wedding dresses gives a very airy and buoyant effect and looks elegant too. However, if you want to stick to the traditional floor-length gown for your wedding and don’t want to be lured into wearing a short one, then there are many choices available for you too. There are many options for summer wedding dresses with lightweight, long skirts.

The hot and humid weather should definitely be a part of your decision-making process while planning a summer wedding and looking for a wedding dress.  Some of the most famous designs for summer wedding dresses are strapless, spaghetti strap choices, halter styles, and short-sleeved dresses.

Summer is rapidly becoming the season of weddings for a reason; summer makes everything look beautiful. The beach, the ocean, the fields; everything is at its best during summer. The summer wedding colors can easily be determined by observing the things around you. The standard summer wedding colors this season are royal purple, magenta, the combination of black, white, and magenta, the combination of black, white, and green, the combination of green, pink, and orange, or lavender and mint colors. Therefore, any summer wedding can be made remarkable by wearing light clothes, light makeup, and of course, having the right summer wedding colors.

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