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Big Hit Wedges Shoe Trend for Spring Summer 2013

Stylish Wedges Shoes 2013

Wedge Shoes 2013

This spring summer, the fluorescent fashion is making a big hit for jewellery, outfits, cosmetics and shoes. Owing to the sparkle and sharpness of fluorescent hues, these make one noticeable and chic among crowd. Here comes the latest spring summer shoe trend for 2013 set by fashion designers who have paid attention to fashionable wedges more than other styles.

It’s time to adore your feet with some bold wedges sandals and shoes to make a standout when you step out. This season the luxury footwear brand Aase Hopstock along with many others has come up with exciting wedges shoe trends for spring summer 2013.

1. Smart Fashionable Wedges Shoe

Fashionable Wedges Shoe

With the rising trend of wedges shoes for women many fashion designers like Simone Rocha, and Etro have carved a beautiful range of wedges shoes in striking colors. To add smartness to your feet get a pair of fashionable wedges sandals available with variety of textures to compliment your outfit.

2. Sexy Wedges Heels

Sexy Wedges Heels

Fashion models and celebrities like Ema Watson, Nicole Scherzinger, Blake Lively, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lydia Bright and many others love to don sexy wedges heels for shopping or day out or sometimes at Red Carpets by their favorite brands like Versace, Gucci and YSL. These celebrities have also marked the sexy wedges heels trend much more in fluorescent colors.

3. Casual Platform Wedges Shoe

Casual Wedges Shoe

Wedges heels do not mean to be worn for parties or day out. A pair of casual platform wedges adds comfort to one’s feet and provides warmth as well. Such casual wedges are made with velvet and canvas and are fit for day wear.

4. Stylish Wedge Heel Pump Shoes

Wedge Heel Pump Shoes

Nude and silver wedges heels by footwear brand Jimmy Chhoo, the gorgeous golden wedges by Prada and the outstanding black velvet Dolce & Gabbana wedges are the most captivating wedges shoe trend for spring summer 2013, making wedged heels big hit for the season.

5. Winter Wedge Shoes Booties

Winter Wedge Shoes Booties

But in winter, the trendy ankle high booties and with wedge heels are a best pair of footwear to step on snow outside. Without compromising the fashion, now there come warm winter booties with eye popping leopard print and leather finishing by Christian Louboutin.

6. Funky Spring Summer Wedge Heels

Funky Spring Summer Wedge Heels

The trendiest are the funky wedge heels with vibrant floral prints, splashes of neon colors and with round, open or striped front. Some have colorful textures and some have contrasting wedge heels decorated with metallic laces, or beads to make one’s feet more prominent.

7. Fanciful Wedge Sandals

Fanciful Wedge Sandals

The beautiful and weird spike studded curved wedges, embellishments of sequins and stylish buckles make good fanciful wedge sandals mostly worn by socialites like Paris Hilton. The best fanciful wedges collection for spring summer 2013 also includes Betsey Johnson Wedges.

8. Luxurious Gravity Wedges Sandals

Wedges Sandals 2013

Gravity wedges sandals have dominated fashion runways, parties and celebrations and make a best spring summer shoe trend for 2013. Gravity wedges contain an exceptional platform running from front to the foot support heel and are loved by Lady Gaga, Amy Childs, and Taylor Momsen. For an exquisite, fluorescent and eccentric gravity wedge sandals Mona Mai, and Liliana have produced a dynamic range for wedges shoe fanatics.

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