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Be Bold Be Stylish

Be Bold Be Stylish

Latest trend is to exaggerate the strength and boldness in you.

This season the hottest trend is the foot ware that will spill over its dramatic essences all over. The most extravagant and crazy look is the latest trend. You will be admired for wearing those trendy long boots. Enough of the stilettos, pussy in the boots will win over them. Follow the designer’s trend wear those thigh-high black suede skinny leg boots.

Now we come towards the trend that took over the 2010 summers and still will remain for the fall/ winter 2010. The trend is the padded shouldered jackets and dresses. Get the bold exaggerated shoulders to get the genuinely trendy look in the cold winters.

Yes good news for all the ladies, adapt to the strong disco diva look. Be trendy , wear all the vibrant colors , sequined skirts, leather jackets, graphic tees and large polka dots- find the trend’s inspiration in old 80’s videos and films. Be the trendiest lady you have never been.

As the designers and the experts say this season of fall will be all about the silhouettes and the sophisticated glamour. Be classic and hold those classic chained bags that are oh-so trendy and yet too handy for a night out. Chain strap bags can be worn as clutches and across-body style that will give you a complete look of a classic chic. The metal embellishment is huge for bags as well as heals. The trend is a must to be followed for the coming fall.

As we talk about the latest trends we need not forget about the chunky over sized accessories that should be a complimenting our outfits. While we are celebrating the excitement in our trends how can we forget the shimmery fabric that is in for the fall 2010?

Female fashion gets mannish; the tailored masculine blazers are the latest trend. The crazy animal prints are also the fall 2010’s most extravagant trend. Wear the knitted clothes, go for capes and be trendy to keep yourself warm in the cold months. It’s amazing how the exaggeration and the craze has become the part of our latest trend, find this opportunity to bring in all the excitement in you and show them with colors and your outfits.

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