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Being Over weight will not deprive you of Soul mate

Many women have misconceptions that they can’t find their true soul mate with all the odd huge flesh that they carry with them. First of all they need to know what true soul mate would really see in them, it will not be their over weight but the heart and soul that is hidden behind it. He will cherish their soul, and accept that the outer housing is just incidental. This is the kind of unconditional love that a soul mate would do. So they need not to worry on the fact that they will never find a true soul mate simply because of their over weight figure.

Secondly, it’s not your weight that you need to consider but the way you look at your own self.  “People reflect back to you your opinion of yourself.” By the time you accept yourself exactly as you are, and appreciate your beauty, people will also start accepting you. Change starts form the self. You obviously can not change the different perceptions people have about you, but you can surely change your own perception about you. As soon you accept your beauty so will a nice and loving guy.

You can still win the million hearts with your charm and persona. Have confidence in your own self, your inner beauty and your own strength to give love because you don’t want a soul mate who will only appreciates your outer beauty. You want someone for the life time who will as much love your wrinkles and broken teeth as he loves your gorgeous figure and sleek long hair.

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