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Your Guide to High Heel Survival and Neat Feet

High HeelParty season is here, the sun is out and its time to go from hiding in boots to full on glamour in an instant. Ugly feet are unacceptable because there’s never really a good enough excuse for not looking after your feet and making sure they are at their pretty best all of the time. If you can spend time on manicures and painting your nails, then apply the same rule to your feet. Try our tips and advice for the best skin and feet all summer long.

Pretty Feet

Regular pedicures every month will help you to keep your feet in great condition all year round. Attack any hard skin on the soles of your feet with a buffer; a good product is Tough Buffer by Diamancel. If you don’t have time to take a salon visit, then you can give yourself a quick pedicure home spa style.

Once you have cut and filed your nails, apply cuticle cream and make sure you massage into your nails and skin surrounding your nails. Rinse after a few minutes and gently push back your cuticles with a hoof stick. Never, ever cut your cuticles because first of all OUCH and secondly it can damage the root of your nails. Next – exfoliate ladies! A pedicure requires you to slather your feet in a good body or foot scrub for a few minutes and then rinse off. Gently apply moisturizer to the skin on your feet, but try to avoid your nails because then the polish may not go on as smoothly as it should.

Nail Polish Please

Before your polish your nails, use those toe separator pedi sponges or weave tissue in and out. If you don’t, even with the steadiest hand, you ‘ll find that a mistake could occur once you ‘ve spent ages painting your toe nails. Nothing is more annoying than a smudge at the last minute! Remember to protect your nails and apply a base coat before applying any other colour. Choose a pretty pink or a daring coral or red for an evening out and paint those nails evenly.

Try Mac nail polish in Trip or Nails Inc nail polish in The Ritz . Be patient!! Make sure the nails are totally dry before you start running around and doing anything else and don’t forget to apply a top coat for that high shine and overall finishing touch to your feet and nails. Now even with all the super technology and advanced ingredients in nail polish these days, I still advise you to wait at least 12-16 hours before slipping your feet into any high heels or peep toes. DIY pedicures take a little longer to fully set compared to your salon pedicures.

Party Bag Essentials

Keep some clear blister plasters on hand for those painful feet emergency moments. Also put gel pads in your high heels to cushion the balls of your feet. Backs of closed shoes can sometimes be painful so keep a pair of Heel leather liners with you. Scholl ‘s Party Feet range is excellent too so try out some of their products, like the Slingback Strips.

Now dance the night away because your feet are picture perfect and you now also have those tiny but oh- so- necessary products with you in case your high heels turn on you!

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