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Fashion Tips to Have Parisian Style

Parisian Style

Paris is the city of France and heaven on earth. One must visit this beautiful place in life. The fashion of Paris is admirable as it reflects simplicity and elegance. People of Paris never over-dressed and look bold and comfortable at the same time. You can also dress like a Paris woman if you put the right wardrobe pieces together. Before dressings remember that wear the dress that is flattering for you. Choose the dress that compliments your body shape as Parisians do. Before dressing up, think that you are a Parisian and then match trendy items to wear. Parisians are fashionable and wear what they love to. Parisian seems to maintain a sense of confidence in their style. They don’t get confuse over the mismatched items. Here are some tips to have a Parisian Style.

• The striped shirt

Paris Chic Style

If you want to dressed up in Parisian style than you must have at least one stripped shirt in your wardrobe. Strip shirts look classic and never goes out of style in Paris. You can wear stripped shirt in black and white or in the color of your choice. Wear the stripped shirt with jeans and flats, and you will get Parisian style instantly.

• Jeans and pants

Parisian Style Jeans

jeans and pants are straight and skinny in Parisian style while you can also wear baggy trousers according to your ease. Girls in Paris usually prefer skinny jeans of different colors along with T-shirts and hip-length top but some old age ladies use to wear trousers as they feel comfortable in it. Shorts are also a Parisian style and you can wear shorts in Paris that do not seem awkward at all.

• Shoes and hangbags

Parisian Shoes and Hangbags

Parisian style recommends high heels but flats too according to the outfit. High heels are always popular almost in every street style but you can also wear flats according to your dressing. Big hand bags are famous in Parisian style. Leather bags or simple long strip bags are carried by Parisians. A big leather handbag completes the chic Parisian look and is not so much expensive. Parisian style is incomplete if you forget to carry a leather handbag with you.

• Skirts

Pencil Skirts Style

Parisian women love to wear flounce skirt and pencil skirts as well. You want to rock Parisian style? Than mix and match skirts with your tops.

• Coat wear in Paris

Parisian Coat Style

If there is rain in Paris than you can wear a trench coat as it is pure Parisian style. There is a trend of colored trench coats in Paris these days but you can also stick to the neutrals: khaki or black. But before buying the trench coat be careful that it is double breasted, has a belt waist and falls below the hip. This is Parisian style of wearing coat.

• Blouses and tops

Paris Blouses and Tops Style

Blouses and tops are popular in Parisian style. If you want to dress-up in Parisian style than wear a loose, hip length T-shirt with a pair to jeans. Peach, coral and green color will look more elegant but you can wear the color of your own choice.

• Blazers

Paris Blazers Style

Blazers are very much inn in Parisian style. The trend of sweaters is out and blazers are inn. Grab the one that flatters your figure. Parisians wear blazers in different eye catching colors. You can try blue, rose or classic black and white to rock Parisian style.

• Floral Patterns

Paris Floral Patterns

Floral patterns are truly Parisian style. Parisians love to wear floral patterns and prints in skirts, shirts, tops and blazers as well. If you want to follow Parisian fashion, than you must add floral patterns in your outfit.

• Scarves

Paris Scarves Style

Parisians always use to wear light weight scarves round their necks with thin tank tops. The scarves are of different colors according to the outfit and are simple as well. The trend of scarf has also been seen in America. If you want to adopt Parisian style than wear a scarf rounds your neck to make a statement.

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