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The art of Striptease

The perfect rhythmic movement of slender waist, breasts and buttocks that makes men horny with an undeniable scrumptious sex appeal is not less than an art!

Yes, Striptease is an art, it is an extremely seductive dagger that can slowly kill your man with a sexual frenzy. It’s a proof that in this male dominated world, there are some powers that only belong to women. Men are aggressive by nature, there sleeps a wild beast within their conscious and when teased and triggered, that beast can really fulfill your deepest desires.

Read on to give your wildest raunchy side a little work to do and tease your man with the power of feminine sexual delicacy and enjoy the flames of desire afterwards.

The most important things that you need is a chair, some candles for romantic lightning, sexy music to indulge into perfect dance moves, a tie for a little extra oomph, you can also use some teasing props like a fan and a scarf. Put on your thong, bra, high heels and the sexiest easy-to-remove dress.

Set a chair and sit your husband down on it, start the music and tell him that the show will begin in some minutes with that naughty twinkle in your eye; the music and your words are already creating sexual sensations in him and he will be standing at attention when you come!

Remember the first and the most powerful rule of Striptease is the slower the better. Don’t make it quick; keep your movement and pace incredibly slow, that will raise his anticipation and craving and will tease him to the fullest. Don’t shy to wink, to laugh flirtatiously and keep eye contact.

To start your tease, move your hand over your body slowly. Remember when your husband sees you rubbing your hand on your body; he actually imagines it’s his hand. So purposefully avoid rubbing your breasts and kitty too soon. Remember this is a tease!

Move your body and tease him with little naughty kisses, run your fingers through his hair, bite his ear, kiss on his neck, rub your thigh against his crotch, sit in his lap, rub your breasts on his face and get him hot. The time when he will want for more, move away with a little naughty laugh.

Now slowly undress your skirt while your back turned to him, wave your back with a perfect wave like rhythm, As you rock your hips side to side, slowly take off your tie, stretch it out, bite it and rub it against you buttocks. When you’re done teasing with the tie put it over his neck.

Now sit in front of him and slowly unbutton your shirt, look at him in the eye and seduce him, show him that you too are yearning for him but don’t take your shirt off yet for that extra tease.

Open your shirt slightly and play with your fingers while caressing your neck and breasts, that is going to make extremely crazy and he will urge for more more and more, but don’t satisfy his desire for it is a striptease!

With your shirt still on, straddle the chair with your back towards him and reveal one shoulder at a time. Make sure you are turning your head looking at him and moving your shoulders rhythmically. Finally slip off your shirt.

Here comes the moment of granting him with what he wants, lastly straddle your husband and place his hand on your booty, Unhook your bra and softly rub your bare breasts against his face. Well this time you can’t go away from him for he will surely grab you like a hungry lion!

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