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5 Impressive Stylist Tricks to Help You Look Taller

impressive stylist tricks to help you look taller

To be more stylish and more fashionable is a passion of every girl. We want to keep you stylish and we want to share the most impressive tricks to help you be a real fashionista. Now we want to share with you a few clever advice for the stylists that will help you appear taller. Take a look below and enjoy!

Pick the ’Right’ Shoes and Accessories

pick the right shoes and accessories

The most common and the easiest trick to become taller is with high heels but also the color of the shoes can help –  any neutral-colored footwear will make your legs seem longer, while black shoes, especially those with high lacing, will make your legs look shorter instead.

Be Careful with Striped Prints

be careful with striped prints

The incorrect combination of this print and a knee-length skirt will make you look about an inch shorter. A striped top with a monotone midi-skirt, on the contrary, will ’lengthen’ your shape.

Choose Jeans and Bags According to your Height

choose jeans and bags according to your height

High-waist jeans may also help you adjust your height and look taller.

Try Palazzo Pants

try palazzo pants

One good way to look taller and to wear palazzo pants is described in the example below

Don’t Disregard Pencil Skirts

dont disregard pencil skirts

If you don’t have a short top, a white shirt or blouse will help you, so always have one at hand.

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