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Tinie Tempah and Jessie J in love

Jessie J and Tinie Tempah

Jessie J and Tinie TempahJessie J is coaching BBC 1’s new talent show and Jessie is going crazy about Tinie Tempah who is a rapper. Jessie was recently touring to Australia and Indonesia where she was constantly in touch with Tinie Tempah. A tour source also announced that both of them used to chat for long hours every night and it also changed Jessie.

Jessie J is 24 and Tinie Tempah is a 23 year old rapper and they met through a showbiz connection. Both of them grew even closer after performing at a gig at a Teenage Cancer Trust. The couple is often seen in intimate conversations at after parties. They hooked up recently before Jessie left for the tour. Jessie’s friend reported that they love hanging out together and they are dating as any other normal couple and do plenty of normal things such as walking in their hoodies near his house. People think that they are good for each other.

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