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Sarah Harding feeling ‘positive’ as brain tumour shrinks after cancer treatment

Sarah Harding has spoken of her feelings of joy after learning that her brain and lung tumours had shrunk in size following her cancer treatment towards the end of 2020.

The superstar was first diagnosed with breast cancer back in the early stages of the last year but it rapidly spread to various parts of her body, with Sarah having to undergo weekly chemotherapy treatments.

Sarah, 39, who is set to tell her story for the first time in her debut autobiography, Hear Me Out, which is released later this week, first shared her devastating news in August after being spotted at a hospital.

In an excerpt from her book seen by Daily Star, Sarah recalled her joy writing: “Before I put this book to bed, I wanted to share a little bit of positive news.

“MRI scans at the end of December revealed that the tumours in my brain and in my lung have shrunk a bit with the treatment.”

Sarah went on to add: “I don’t know exactly what this means for me, but at least I know it’s moving in the right direction, and right now, every little victory feels momentous.

“With this news under my belt, I was able to enjoy a relaxing quiet Christmas with mum and yes, I got plenty of lovely Christmas pressies.”

The Manchester native concluded with: “At the moment, I’m just grateful to wake up every day and live my best life, because now I know just how precious it is.”

Ahead of the release of Hear Me Out, Sarah’s biggest fans, Sarah Harding Addicts, who have also written an extract for her autobiography have launched a fan campaign to get Hear Me Out, a track from the 2004 Girls Aloud album, What Will The Neighbours Say? onto the iTunes chart.

“Wild child” Sarah also spoke of her recent reunion with her Girls Aloud bandmates shortly after her diagnosis, revealing that they sat together and watched their fly-on-the-wall documentary, Girls Aloud: Off The Record, it was their first time together in eight years.

Despite reuniting with the group, Sarah initially had reservations following her intense treatment which saw her lose her eyelashes.

She said she pictured bandmates, Cheryl Tweedy, Nadine Coyle, Nicola Roberts and Kimberley Walsh arriving at their get-together “looking fabulous and glamorous”.

Despite her reservations, with Sarah knowing her bandmates wouldn’t “be judgemental”, the group accidentally reunited in the carpark of Soho Farmhouse, instantly putting her mind at ease.

While Girls Aloud may have disbanded in 2013, with each member admitting that they barely kept in touch, they have all rallied around Sarah, with the group now being closer than ever.

Sharing her thoughts, Cheryl wrote in Sarah’s book: “The news of Sarah’s illness hit me so hard. Since that day, she’s been on my brain every waking hour – so much so that I feel like I want to be with her.”

The Fight For This Love songstress went on to add that she and Sarah, 39, chat away for hours on FaceTime but Sarah can also feel “wiped out” after undergoing treatment.

Cheryl continued: “Initially, I felt helpless, I struggled to find the right words to say when I spoke to her, and I didn’t know what to do or how to be.”

“Now I just want to be there for her in any way I can.

“To hear her talk about what might have been in her life, and what should have been, destroys me, it’s broken me now, just thinking about it.”

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