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Taylor Swift Tops List Of Most Popular Instagram Accounts

taylor swift tops list of most popular

Sociable photography system Instagram recently-released the official listing of its top-five users based on quantity of users, and in a completely unsurprising development Taylor Swift came out on top with 49.6 million people being reached by her photos and videos through Instagram. Interestingly, every spot in the Instagram top five is held by a woman, with the closest runner-up being Justin Bieber with 40.3 million subscribers.

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taylor swift most popular person

You’re able to read that Reuters post right here. Additional intriguing tidbits inside the checklist incorporate that five artists are most popular with Instagram users under the age of 34 (go figure), and that Selena Gomez, who holds the number four spot on the list, has the “most interactive” account in the top five. It’s yet another sign of Taylor Swift’s pop culture dominance, and since she has a healthy lead of almost 1.5 million Instagram followers, it would probably take a huge social media calamity for her to drop out of the top spot.

Here’s the List of Top Five Users on Instagram:

1: Taylor Swift: 49.6 million
2: Kim Kardashian: 48.1 million
3: Beyoncé: 47.2 million
4: Selena Gomez: 45.9 million
5: Ariana Grande: 44.6 million

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