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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage facing a growing rift, Says Royal Expert

Meghan Markle
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Meghan Markle is starting to feel the presence of a looming cloud overhead that is threatening her future, according to royal author and commentator Tom Quinn. Quinn shared his insights during an interview with The Mirror, shedding light on the mounting pressures facing the Duchess of Sussex.

While starting off that chat the expert noted, “There is a growing rift between Harry and Meghan caused by Meghan’s increasing concern that her life is not going in the direction she had planned.” “She loves media attention and hates the fact that surveys suggest she and Harry are no longer of much interest to the American public.”

This comes especially after the couple saw little to no headway on projects, instead getting called out by partners like Spotify for being “f****** grifters” for their $20 million deal for Archetypes

“There are a number of projects in the pipeline for the Sussexes,” Quinn noted. These include a cooking show, Meghan’s lifestyle brand American Riviera Orchard, Prince Harry’s polo show, and a revamp of Archetypes with a different company. Despite these exciting ventures, the uncertainty surrounding their success adds to Meghan’s stress.

As Meghan navigates these professional endeavors, the weight of public scrutiny and expectations continues to build. Quinn’s comments highlight the challenges she faces in balancing her ambitions with the relentless attention from media and critics.

The pressure on Meghan and Harry to deliver successful projects is immense, especially as they seek to carve out their identities and financial independence away from the royal family. The success of these ventures is crucial for their long-term plans and public image.

Meghan’s feeling of a “looming cloud” underscores the high stakes involved in their post-royal lives. The couple’s ability to thrive in their new roles will significantly impact their future and their legacy.

As the Sussexes push forward with their projects, all eyes will be on how they manage these challenges and whether they can turn their ambitious plans into a successful reality. The path ahead is fraught with difficulties, but it also offers opportunities for Meghan and Harry to redefine their narrative and secure their place in the public eye.

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