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Meghan Markle Forces Prince Harry to Ask King Charles for Help: Reports

Prince Charles, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Despite leaving the Royal Family for a better life in the US, Meghan Markle is reportedly urging her husband, Prince Harry, to re-establish contact with King Charles. While the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have distanced themselves from the Royals, including the monarch, Meghan is persistent that Harry seeks his father’s assistance. According to a recent report by Heat Magazine, Meghan is gearing up to launch products from her American Riviera Orchard brand.

“Meghan is looking for support wherever she can get it,” they said of Meghan, who debuted American Riviera Orchard three months ago on Instagram, quickly grabbing attention of everyone around the globe. “Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice are at the top of her list, but she’s shooting even higher and would love to get King Charles to give his stamp of approval,” the insider continued.

“Despite all the drama, Meghan doesn’t see why they shouldn’t be able to drum up some support and backing. She wants Harry to reach out to anyone in the family that he’s still got access to. “She still believes that there is a lot more support for them inside the royal family than people let on, and thinks it would be foolish not to ask for help.”

To ensure the success of her venture, Meghan is seeking endorsements from key Hollywood celebrities such as Kris Jenner and Mindy Kaling. However, the former actress believes it would significantly boost her brand if King Charles were to purchase her products. This potential royal endorsement could lend an air of prestige and attract more attention to her brand.

Despite their strained relationship with the Royal Family, Meghan appears determined to leverage any available opportunities to support her business endeavors. The report suggests that Meghan sees value in reconciling with King Charles, not only for personal reasons but also for the potential business benefits.

This move underscores the complexities of Meghan and Harry’s new life in the US, where they balance personal ambitions with their high-profile status. As they navigate their independence from the monarchy, the couple continues to seek ways to build their brand and secure their future.

The idea of reaching out to King Charles for support highlights Meghan’s pragmatic approach to their new circumstances. It reflects her understanding of the power of influential endorsements and the potential impact on her business.

As Meghan prepares to launch her American Riviera Orchard products, the question remains whether Prince Harry will reach out to his father and how this move will be received by the Royal Family. The outcome could significantly influence their relationship dynamics and the success of Meghan’s business venture.

In the meantime, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex continue to navigate their complex roles as public figures and entrepreneurs, striving to make their mark while managing their royal connections.

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