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Street Style Makeup Trend

Street Style Makeup Trend

Street Style MakeupLatest street style makeup trend is nude eyes with thin eye liner or a bit of bronze eye shadow, pink blusher and loads and loads of mascara. Use mineral based powder as a foundation and go for pink and red tones for lip color.

Street style make up trends for summer 2012 suggest experimenting as much as you want but don’t overdo it. You can apply minimum makeup or you can even go for a dramatic look. Be careful about your face shape, features and the clothes you are wearing.

Makeup is a man made gift that can transform simply anyone, if applied appropriately. Street style makeup can be very typical like applying a mild L’Oreal mineral powder after moisturizing. Then apply your eye cream and a thin eye liner just to fill those gaps in your eye lashes. Apply any neutral pink shade on your lips and a pink blusher on your cheeks to complete the look. This will be minimum makeup street style look that will only enhance your natural features and give you a perfect day look.

You can even go for a dramatic look by doing a bit darker eyes. You can use bronze eye shadow and blend in black shade to give it a smoky effect. Go for a red lip color but not typical dark red. Lips should not be too bright as this will overdo the dramatic makeup look. A bronzer instead of a blusher will complete this look. Whether you go for a minimum makeup look or the dramatic one, never forget to apply mascara. Makeup trend this year is to apply mascara that gives volume and make your eyelashes look longer. Try not to use black eye liner inside your eyes to give kajal effect because nude eyes look is the latest makeup fashion.

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