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When Katy Perry Accidentally Ripped Her Pants & Flashed Her B*tts To The Audience At American Idol Stage

Katy Perry and her fashion sense are always loved by her fans. The singer was a punk in her fashion game and we love the extra sassy in her outfits. However, his clothing made him the public mockery of many times.

Just like before, she accidentally flashed her slut in the American Idol scene. And it just happened because he laughed a little too much. The singer didn’t hesitate, instead got up and showed the audience a slut.

Yes! You heard it right. Katy had to pay a heavy price to laugh with enthusiasm. But as we all know, it’s a sport. The Roar singer treated this situation like a pro and we absolutely love her soul. Keep scrolling to see exactly what happened on the show.

Katy Perry laughed out loud at a joke after one of the contestants performed on American Idol. This caused his pants to tear off his back, exposing his hips. The singer sat between two other judges, Lionel Ritchie and Luke Bryan.

Katy Perry looked horrified when she realized what was going on and said, “I just took my pants apart!” As the audience roared with laughter, the blonde singer stood up to reveal the unfortunate split in the crowd.

Lionel Ritchie tried to help the red-faced judge as he strolled desperately across the stage. It wasn’t long before an assistant rushed over to tap into the suit again.

If this had happened to someone else, they would likely be appalled. But Katy is a rock star and a true entertainer. He found ways to make the audience laugh even if he was troubled from within.

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