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Jessica Simpson reveals Surprise Pregnancy on a Show

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Jessica Simps 2013She was already busy juggling her business commitments with being a mother to baby Maxwell. So it was clearly a surprise to Jessica Simpson to learn she was expecting another baby when her daughter was less than a year old.We were definitely extremely shocked,’ she tells Ellen DeGeneres on the Wednesday edition of her talk show. ‘Apparently, protection just went out the window. I feel like I’m always pregnant. We’re very happy. ‘Maxwell was our focus and then I was puking and lying on the couch,’ Jessica adds, recalling the time she discovered she was pregnant again. Jessica and her fiancé Eric Johnson confirmed they were expecting their second baby back in December. Since then, reports have suggested the 32-year-old Texan is expecting a baby boy, something the star hints at on the talk show.

‘Well I don’t know,’ she says when Ellen quizzes her over the sex of the baby. ‘I haven’t said what it’s going to be yet.’ However, she is forced into a corner when the talk show host holds up two different onesies as a gift for Maxwell, asking Jessica to choose between the ‘I “heart” my baby sister’ or ‘I “heart” my baby brother.’ ‘You can’t have both,’ Ellen tells her. ‘You can only have one.’

Luckily, Ellen makes the decision for her, handing Jessica the ‘brother’ outfit telling the star ‘that’s my guess okay.’ ‘Maybe I’ll take this one,’ Jessica hints. ‘If it’s a girl, she might call him bro.’ Jessica also reveals that she is finding her second pregnancy much more tiring than her first. ‘It’s the complete opposite,’ she says.  ‘Like with Maxwell, I felt amazing. Like I could do everything, eat everything. Do whatever I wanted.

‘I had a lot of energy. This time around, I’m like exhausted. Eating Tums. That’s my snack of choice.’ But the star says she has learned to be healthier in contrast to her pregnancy with Maxwell. ‘The first pregnancy I like let loose and I kind of ate everything that I wanted to eat and I just really enjoyed it,’ she reveals. ‘This time around I think because I was doing Weight Watchers and I felt super healthy.

‘I’m not really craving as much and I know how hard it is to get off so I’m trying to make healthier, wiser decisions.’ Despite her weight gain, a glowing Jessica tells Ellen that ‘apparently Eric still wanted me. So I can gain as much weight and I will have a husband to be that loves me.’ ‘Apparently he did,’ Ellen responds dryly, gesturing towards Jessica’s blossoming baby bump. – Dailymail

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