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Duchess Camilla pushed aside after long night of reckless partying

Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla was reportedly ‘sent packing’ after a long night of partying.

This happened when she was ‘torn apart’ after arriving to a work appointment very late because of a long night, spent partying, according to expert Penny Junor. 

As a result, she got fired her the same day. According to a Channel 5 documentary, the Duchess of Cornwall ‘overslept after a very long party and she was probably rather hungover.’

“She didn’t last a week. And she arrived late, saying, ‘I’m terribly sorry.’ And the boss at Colefax and Fowler, who was a demon anyway, just absolutely tore her apart and sent her packing,” Junor said. 

“And that was the end of her working career,” the expert added.

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