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Chrissy Teigen slams netizens attacking her ‘misinterpreted’ tweet after ‘losing her baby’

Author and model Chrissy Teigen takes on internet trolls hating on her for posting about horse riding amid a financially pandemic. 

It all began after Teigen posted a picture about her horse riding lesson on Twitter and explained how she has “absolutely nothing currently” that is hers.

Soon after that the model hoped onto Twitter once more to clarify her comment and wrote, “a lot of u really misinterpreted this tweet and I guess that’s on me. I didn’t say I have nothing, I said I have nothing I do for just me.

A convo with a therapist. A hobby. Cause I lost a baby. And I’m figuring myself out. And i didn’t buy a horse. But oh my god, what if I did?” (sic)

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