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Britney Spears’ Reaction To Rihanna’s Performance Is Going Viral

rihanna and britney spears
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Britney Spears seems to be the center of media attention at all times. While her devoted fans want to see the pop star in her best post-conservative form, much of the recent focus has been on the drama that has surrounded her, whether it’s rumors about marital problems with Sam Asghari or her contentious relationship with her family. That’s why it’s so nice to see the “Toxic” singer having fun, and it’s probably why her overjoyed reaction to seeing Rihanna on stage has gone viral.

According to yahoo News, a short video of Britney Spears watching Rihanna perform has gone viral on Facebook, with fans unable to get over her look of sublime joy as she watches the “Only Girl (In the World)” artist on stage.

There’s a lot to like about this video. For one thing, seeing a superstar like Britney Spears show support for fellow icons like Rihanna is always pleasant. This video was taken at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, and while Spears was still five years away from regaining control of her life, it’s nice to see her having a good time with her entourage.

I can’t get enough of the “Baby One More Time” singer’s unabashed, open-mouth smile as she sings along with Rihanna, her gaze following the “Umbrella” singer across the stage. At one point, Spears’ head tilts in such a way that I’m curious as to what Ri-Ri was doing up there.

Britney Spears arrived on the music scene a few years before Rihanna, but the “Hold Me Closer” singer has been a fan for a long time. People who follow Spears on Instagram even casually know how much she enjoys showing off her dance moves, and a few years ago, the Crossroads actress said her music “makes me FEEL like I’ve never felt before” and that “Never Ending” made her feel like she was flying.

Britney Spears provided vocals on a remix of Rihanna’s “S&M” in 2011, and the two artists have previously collaborated. The duo performed their song at the Billboard Music Awards that year while wearing handcuffs, dancing on poles, and engaging in a tame pillow fight, so it appears that Spears has more than one fun memory involving Rihanna.

The concert video is making the rounds on Facebook once more, as Britney Spears going off on the media for being “cruel” to her. Just weeks before her and Sam Asghari’s first anniversary, there’s been a lot of speculation about her marriage, with one psychologist calling his social media activity a “bad omen.”

Hopefully, we’ll be able to read Britney Spears’ entire story in her own words soon, as she’s written a “brutally honest” memoir, but even that is in doubt, due to legal issues surrounding her revelation of two alleged affairs with Hollywood A-listers. Hopefully, that will be resolved soon, but in the meantime, we can enjoy Britney’s totally relatable love of Rihanna.

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