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Prince Harry Is ‘The Case Of The Boy Who Cried, Wolf”

Meghan Markle again lying to Prince Harry

Prince Harry’s anticipated memoir will be out early next year, but not all are convinced of his credibility. British socialite Lady Colin Campbell, the author of “Diana in Private” and “Meghan and Harry: The Real Story,” weighed in on the Duke of Sussex’s upcoming memoir “Spare.” She wasn’t convinced about the contents of the book even before it could hit shelves because, for her, Prince Harry has credibility issues.

“I think that Harry has so blotted his copy and has shown himself to have such a loose relationship with the truth that I think it’s a case of the boy who cried wolf,” Campbell said on GB News. “I think no matter what he says, he has a credibility problem, and also he has a very maladjusted relationship [with] that.”

Campbell added that whatever was written would be “very easily disproven.” So, she believed that people should not worry because many seemed desperately preparing for Prince Harry’s memoir.

Neil Sean, a royal and entertainment reporter who has been featured on NBC News, Fox News, and Access, recently slammed the Sussexes on his YouTube channel, claiming that “they’re on some kind of mission once again to make sure they damage the forthcoming coronation next spring for King Charles III.”

According to him, Prince William and King Charles were not bothered by what Prince Harry would be writing about them. However, they were concerned that he had written something that would “decimate” the Queen’s legacy.

“Once it’s in print, there’s simply no going back,” the royal expert said. “But trust me, the King and the Prince of Wales are awaiting this eagerly along with their many esteemed lawyers.”

Meanwhile, British journalist and investigative reporter Tom Bower felt it was a clever move. Prince Harry’s book is coming out in January 2023, three years after he and his wife, Meghan Markle, decided to step back from their royal duties.

“Well, there’s a very clever commercial ruse, and not only that, of course, it’s the third anniversary of Megxit, which you predicted in the Sun,” he told Dan Wootton. “This is what’s so interesting about it all, they’ve chosen a date which is very significant.

It comes, of course, after the Netflix series about ‘The Crown’ and the Netflix series about them. The build-up will be enormous and on top of that, [the book] is being sold in 16 languages across the globe. So, the impact will be literally global.”

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