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Pete Davidson Finally Opens Up About His Big D*ck Energy That His Exes Kim Kardashian & Ariana Grande Have Talked About: “It’s Just Like Big Enough To…”

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There is now a mystery surrounding Pete Davidson as social media revealed him to be a ladies’ man. Both men and women are curious about the hype around this actor’s sex appeal, but it would seem that he is not aware of it himself.

In a recent interview, Pete said that he is perplexed by the discussions around his d*ck and can not comprehend why everyone is so fixated on it. Before the singer of Thank You, Next ended their five-month romance, Pete was seeing Ariana Grande.

After that, the comedian spent some time last year with Kim Kardashian. The connection between the two was electric, and they looked fantastic together. Intriguingly, the actress revealed certain details about his “BDE (Big D*ck Energy)” that first drew her to him.

Pete has spoken out regarding the subject and denied all of these “rumors.” In a conversation with The Breakfast Club, Pete Davidson said that none of the discussions around his BDE were sincere at all. I don’t understand, he said. Really, it’s nothing extraordinary. Just fairly typical-sized p*nis, that’s all. It is neither excessively large nor little.

He mentioned the comments he had previously heard regarding the “size” and said, “I was told it’s just like large enough to appreciate and not huge enough for it to hurt.” For the uninitiated, the size of his “thing” has been discussed by both of his previous loves, Kim Kardashian and Ariana Grande.

According to EOnline, when asked how long Pete Davidson’s deck was, the vocalist for the band 7 Rings tweeted, “About 10 inches? Well sht, I mean, a little bit longer than a minute. The actress of Bodies Bodies Bodies had expressed displeasure with her comments since it created unreasonable expectations. He had said, “I don’t like that she spoke all that sht for my pnis,” in a People interview.

To her, everything is enormous. I have a large pnis, so why would she tell everyone about it? In order to disappoint every female I ever see my dck for the rest of my life. Also, Kim Kardashian admitted to People that she had a very different feeling about Pete Davidson. Well, this is how it happened with Pete, she said. We kissed in a scene when I was doing SNL, but it was just an atmosphere. Then I thought, “Oh, sh*t.” I may just need to try something else.

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