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War Horse – Movie Review

War Horse Movie Revie

War Horse MovieThe movie in limelight today is, War Horse, star casting Jeremy Irvine playing Albert along with his horse Joey in Steven Spielberg’s movie. The director, Steven Spielberg, has been doing his work in Britain for about as many as thirty years. This person has worked long enough to deserve an honorary knighthood. He has described his movie, War Horse, as a movie which is based on the children’s novel, which is written by Michael Morpurgo. This novel talks about the war’s madness in detail and this is Steven’s first ever truly British movie.

This movie, War Horse, had its production year in 2011, directed in the areas of United States with a run time of almost 146 minutes. The famous director has chosen the cast of Benedict Cumberbatch, David Thewlis, David Kross, Emily Watson, Jeremy Irvine, Peter Mullan and Toby Kebbell to name a few.

The movie, War Horse, belongs to the Hollywood traditional celebration of a British pastoral which reached its success during the time of the Second World War. The movie review talks about the lonely, loving and the working-class children who are attached to the animals and live in the provincial England.

This movie, being directed by the Spielberg, in the most consciously epic state takes its loyal, handsome and a headstrong Joey, the War horse, from the desolate moors of Devon and through the miseries of the Word war devastating battle field. This doesn’t end here; it brings back home the grandest sunset as we were told in the movie, Gone with the wind that “tomorrow is another day.” This movie, War Horse, is Spielberg’s passion about the intensity of the war. His subject thus revolves around the war, the pity of the war and the feelings which one goes through during the war.

The movie has been scripted finely by the most successful and well known writers of comedy movies; thus this movie is an extremely realistic affair and shows a cross between the movies, Black Beauty and All quiet on the Western Front. War Horse shows a brilliant sequence of events which transform an apparently stretch of stony fields to the fertile fields. The plough which turns into dark, waxing soil and it gives the images in such a way as if the poem is being presented.

In this movie, War Horse, Joey becomes the aristocrat and his role transformation has been shown in a brilliant manner. Throughout the movie War Horse, Spielberg has done a brilliant job in catching the audience and making them involved in the movie till the end. Thus, War Horse is marvellously staged.

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