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Movie Review: Love and Honor

Love and Honor

Love and Honor is the product of the famous director Mr. Danny Mooney. As the name Love and Honor indicates, the movie is a romantic drama and is awaited by millions of viewers around the world. Love and Honor is based on the true story and takes us to later half of 20th century when the Vietnam War broke out.

Love and Honor Movie

Love and Honor Movie is based on the story of Michigan Soldier who fell in love with a girl named Jane. The Love and Honor is both romantic and drama movie at the same time. It depicts the love story of the Mickey Wright and her girl friend and at the same time tells us about the breakup of the love from the girl’s side. According to the reported story of Love and Honor, the soldier of Michigan decided to leave the battle secretly and went back to win the war with his girlfriend Jane by winning her back in his arms.

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Love and Honor is a true story of a passionate soldier who helped his friend to get his love back. During the Vietnam War, the soldier decided to leave the battle secretly in order to go back to his home and to get his girlfriend back. Because, in the miseries of the Vietnam War, Michigan Soldier, Mickey Wright found his true love and the mean of love. The critics of the Hollywood regarded Love and Honor as one of the finest pieces of art in the industry. It is reported that the Love and Honor has been regarded as the one of the famous love stories of the Hollywood because the film beautifully portrays the means of Love and Honor.

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Love and Honor Movie Review

Love and Honor, the romantic saga got shoot in Ann Arbor, Michigan in August, 2011. Love and Honor is the scenery of 1969 when Vietnam War broke out. It is stories of two young soldiers who are destine to do anything for the sake of love. Love and Honor is the story of fight between one’s sense for love and for honor. Story begins when Jane dumped his Michigan. Then, Mickey, a friend of Michigan, vowed to help his friend in getting back his beloved. They had to go back to the United States in order to save their Love and Honor. And they did go back. When reached in States, they saw beloved in anti-war campaign. After a week being spent, two friends come to know the real meaning of Commitment, Love and Honor.


Love and Honor Movie is perfect love story starring mature and the experienced actors and actresses. As we know that the Love and Honor is being directed by the Mooney, so the casting and their role is exactly up to the mark as per expectations of the audience.

In Love and Honor, following stars are present and are mentioned against their role:

  • Liam Hems Worth will be seen as Mickey Wright
  • Aimee Teegarden seems perfect in the role of Jane
  • Famous Teresa Palmer as Candace
  • Austin Stowell would be liked when seen as the Dalton Joiner
  • Chris Lowell, a charming face, looks even more charming in the get up of Peter Goose
  • Nobody can deny the talent of Max Adler who is serving the Love and Honor in form of Burns.
  • Chase Maser will be available as Sanchez
  • Last but not the least, the famous face of Wyatt Russell will be appreciated by the audience in form Topher Lincoln.


Love and Honor is a great movie of the times and earns a lot of appreciation from the viewers around the world. The international sales rights of the Love and Honor Movie are vested in the property of the Lighting Entertainment in May 2012. However, the Lighting Entertainment opened the Love and Honor for the international buyers at the Cannes Film Market in May of the previous year.

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